XCFD’s Scheme – betting against retail traders

Dear traders, after discussions and email exchanges of other victims, we pieced together how XCFD runs their fraud schemes.

Their business model is to bet on retail traders losing money. They possibly don’t execute traders’ trades at all!!! So if a trader puts in 100 dollars as deposit and “loses” 80 and quits, they will only need to return 20 to this trader. And since they may have not made any execution of the trades, they are set to make 80 dollars straight. On the other hand, if a trader gains 20 from an initial deposit of 100, and asks to withdraw 120, they will find all excuses to negate the 20 gain, and return only 100 to that trader. I am the latter case.

This explains why the traders who made profit were never paid back more than the original deposits, and why the traders who lost money can relatively easily get their balance back (obviously minus an unreasonable transfer fee)…

A very nasty scheme! I would urge all victims to report to regulators to expose them and get them into jail asap!!!

2 thoughts on “XCFD’s Scheme – betting against retail traders

  1. julio

    i´m having that problem with them. i made an initial deposit with them of 830$.. now i had a gains of 3670$ over that 830$. So now they don´t want to give me any ammount over the initial deposit! they are trying to steal me 3670$ !! the reason to don´t give me back my money is that they say that i did “algorithmic trading” what is a totally false. Maybe you know what i have to do to have my money back or know about someone or something.

    1. EricHo Post author

      Julio, they are a criminal organisation and they hide in another country under the unproven supervision of the New Zealand Financial Regulators. That’s how they rip you off without getting punished. My advice for you is to write to the regulators and dispute centres as I have done (I listed out how to reach out to these regulators and centres), and I am sure they will only offer to give some of your money back to keep you silent. Good luck!


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