Update on complaint dispute – Silence of the Lambs

Dear traders, I would like to update on my quest to get my money back through the “dispute resolution scheme” that XCFD is part of, and the result is very disappointing. XCFD is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd (http://www.fscl.org.nz/). I filed my complaint with FSCL more than a month ago, and FSCL referred to me to an outsourced company called spinifexcs.com. I sent all the recorded evidence of XCFD frauds to Spinifexcs’s representative Josh, and awaited his actions. After one month’s waiting, when I asked him about progress. Josh replied to me “Are you not happy with the returning amount of the original deposit? How much more are you asking for?”. 

This is appalling that such comment can be made!!! So traders, you shouldn’t expect any money more than your original deposit to be returned to you. The profits that you make from taking risks are not your money!!!

Then Josh went on and said that since I created this website to expose XCFD, I basically will never get my money back. This is “Silence of the Lambs”. You will only get part of your money back if you shut up and accept your fate as a victim. 

Well, I admit that I had already expected this. XCDF changed its dispute resolution to fscl for a reason. FSCL and Spinifexcs are fully aware of the criminal activities XCDF is engaging in, but they would rather cooperate with XCDF and silence the victims. Should we call them an accomplice, or some “organisations placing priority on profit”?

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