Complaints from a Indonesian based trader

Greeting, I’m a trader from Indonesia

I want to share about xcfd

My worst experience is they charge me very big commission for my trade, more than 30k usd (after closing 8% margin used for xcfd) , whereas my deposit is only 1k usd, I got so big minus balance, I’m very shocked. They said it was an error but it took me a lot of communications with them. One month after that incident, I request withdrawal via skrill, but I need to upload document about proof of residence in second time. I need almost 2 weeks to get some of my money back.
Some of my friend has the same issues about their withdrawal, xcfd keep rejecting their request with nonsense reason, eg: document issues, trading volume, and Document translation.
One of my friend need 3 months to make his money back, and the other my friends still stuck in this broker.
This is the worst broker I ever deal with

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