Complaint from a Malaysia based trader

About FSCL, My friend was already sent an email complain about xcfd, but I don’t know the progress yet, last thing I know is they didn’t get reply yet
Xcfd has a nonsense rule about refund (on the bottom link at withdrawal page), if the client want to make withdrawal request but the account has insufficient trading activity, they force to increase the trading activity till fullfiled, but what make it nonsense? They didn’t show how much the minimum trading volume to make withdrawal on the agreement page.
Xcfd keep rejecting my friend’s withdrawal, they force to increase the trading activity first. That’s very unfair because some of my friend can make withdrawal even if they are have no trading activity.
I have so many friend who trade on xcfd, they chose this broker from an IB, and now the IB disappeared.
One of my friends gave up due to this withdrawal rejection, so he decide to close account although he didn’t get his money back, but magically the broker had to refund the account balance first before they close the client account, sounds funny right?
The withdrawal is on progress, but the money didn’t arrive yet. Need 10 working days they said.
About rollover, they charge my balance on my first month, the second month I change into Islamic account, so I don’t get rollover fees daily, its only commission per trade.
Here my experiences with this broker, I hope we will never meet a broker like this anymore.
Let the traders know about this

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